Into Your Arms


If I were to see you now, I would run to you and ask you where you have been? Why haven’t you been answering my calls? Why has it felt that I’ve been having an endless monologue for days, yet I know very well you could hear me?

I would ask you what you think I should do, but I wouldn’t let you answer.  I would tell you what my options were and ask you which I should chose, but I wouldn’t let you answer. I would tell you that I’m confused and I need your help and why aren’t you saying anything?!   

Then for a second I would think and remember who you are and I would recognize my folly. You’re not a vending machine. It’s really not about me. I would fall to my face in shame and anguish at my repulsive nature and in wonder at Your awesome mercy.

For you would pick me up and call me forgiven, and call me ‘daughter’, none of which, I could ever deserve.

Forgive me, Lord, for I forget. Sometimes life gets so busy, I get so lost in the details that I don’t look to You. In the act of living, I forget for whom I’m living for.  I forget who You are.

Draw me close that I may not stray far from you in life, and in thought. Let your word never be far from my tongue .