Mwende at a glance..

Words. That’s why I do it. I am drawn by words and the magic of using them to create and express. The beauty of it is that to create a story, it doesn’t have to be the big mind-boggling words that trip you on an engaging page of prose, but it all goes down to the very least of them. ‘The’ is no less a word than ‘supercalifrajalisticexpialidotious’ (sp).
I am a Christian and every day is a chance to draw closer to God. It’s never easy but only through Him can I truly live.
I pray that my words may give Him glory, even the ones that come out in a jumbled mess.


8 thoughts on “Mwende at a glance..

  1. Rowland says:

    Nice u knw! Fantastic writing skills

  2. Mkabili Laura says:

    splendid writing Mwende

  3. sokaylujo says:

    Consider yourself talented Mwende.And not just talented for the sake,but seriously talented.

  4. reinareey says:

    Keep writing…… I read lots f ur works….. Irene Kioko

  5. But do i say! I now have the boost up to blog my mind up.

  6. serious stuf u gt here my dear..i’m lovin it all!!

  7. To God b the glory. Awsome!!

  8. fra says:

    Drop by my blog sometime.
    It would an honor.


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