The Non-Relationship

You noticed him the first time you met. Cute. But it was never going to happen. That kind of guy… he just wouldn’t go for a girl like you. So when he came over to say hi, you tried not to picture the two of you walking down the aisle but it was hard not to, what with his eyes staring into your soul. 

He cracked a joke and made you laugh . You’d already named your second child. Diana, after your grandmother. You make a note to ask him what his grandmother’s name is. Or was.  Baby number three’s name,no doubt.
You exchange numbers and as you turn away, you wonder what kind of an existence you had before him.

In the days that follow, your phone is never far as you anticipate his next text. Goofy smiles and flirty texts, midnight calls and cryptic conversations with you girls. ‘The mystery guy’, they call him.

He becomes your world. You share intimate details of your lives. All the while, you wait. Wait for him to say something.

Does he feel the same? Well he must! Would he pay you so much attention if he didn’t?? He must, you tell yourself.  It’s just a matter of time, right?

If only you could just come out and tell him once and for all. But no, that’s not the way the fairy-tale’s supposed to go. So you wait, losing your sanity with everyday that goes by.     

The sweet thoughts that filled your head turn into poison.There’s the text he sent that definitely shows he’s interested, then he disappears for two weeks?? You roll his words in your mind ;dissecting them. What did he mean?

Then one day you’re walking through town, absently wondering what he might be doing, when he comes into your line of view. He smiles and your world lights up. You put all your doubts aside. Of course he’s into you. You revel in the feel of his arms . You swallow your disappointment when he pulls away. Then he introduces you to his girlfriend.

It takes all you’ve got to keep the smile on your face, but your body’s gone cold . Girlfriend? How?? But .. 
You hate her immediately.
Her gorgeous hair repulses you. Her exceptional fashion taste is disgusting. She’s exactly the kind of girl he’d go for. And he did.

What bites even more is how nice she is. In another world, you would have been great friends. But not in this one.

In that instant, your world is destroyed. You embark on the awkward journey that is getting over a relationship that you were never in .

So who’s fault is it? His? He should have said something, right?          

What about you? You didn’t exactly lay your cards on the table. Oh, a guy’s supposed to say it first?? Well, that’s a good reason to be miserable for a couple of months!

The non-relationship: looks like a duck, walks like one, but its no duck!
So stop chasing it.
Next time it passes by, just ask! The worst thing that could happen is that it quacks.


19 thoughts on “The Non-Relationship

  1. ProudlyKenyan says:

    True story 😀
    i find that this also happens to guys.

  2. Imani says:

    That’s a great one

  3. Olive says:

    quack quack 😛

  4. V says:

    C’est vrai. Beaucoup de personness font cette. L’article est interessant et magnifique!

    Je me trouve moi-meme ecriver en francais avant mon examen! C’est la vie. :/

    Cherche le sens :

    • uhhmmmmmmmmm… I still don’t know what you just said 😉 *Google translate is on strike *

      • V says:


        V translate:

        “It’s true. A lot of people have that. The article is interesting and magnifique *it’s funner to say it in French :p…and funner is now an accepted superlative*!

        I find myself writing in French before my French exams (it’s like a nervous response).

        Look for the meaning:”

  5. winkimindu says:

    hahaha…true story

  6. Great read! You have a way with words 🙂 am married so thankfully I dont have to deal with this kind anymore 🙂

  7. Ian says:

    big fan of yours!!…

  8. sonnie says:

    oh so true 🙂

  9. Mwende you read my mind

  10. BenzerBett says:

    Hehe this is a good one. Had to link back to it!

  11. Unrequited Love says:

    Every or most that one girl he loves. Hopes, wish, pray that the girl will love him back. More often than not, those girls you love with every bit of you love hormones, will not likely love you. You keep hope and all along act like the proverbial hyena which would follow a person walking on the road, hoping the swinging hand will fall off. In that moment of wait and see, you establish as many ‘essential contacts’ as possible so that just in case you eventually agree with Dolly Parton in that ‘ka’ song ‘Even a Fool Would Let Go’ you have somewhere to start. The unfortunate girl whose sob story you have narrated was an ‘essential contact’.

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