In This Moment, Love

Sometimes I doubt the past. I doubt my memories of it.
‘Did that really happen or is it just my imagination?’
I look at the moments, the great ones, (you know their great as their happening ) and I whisper to my heart to hold onto it.
I tell myself to remember the smell of food mixed with freshly cut grass from that picnic, and the exact words that are said and exactly how they’re said. I close my eyes and just feel everything. I memorise it all cause in a second, its gone. Nothing but a memory, and all I can hope is that I captured that picture perfectly.

You think you have it; time, like water held securely in your hand. Then the drops start falling through your fingers. But you can’t catch them, lest you lose it all. So you have to let them fall. You have to let them fall away, but you still have to hold on.

People are easily those drops of water. For a time, they are there and they are yours. Pillars in your life. They make you laugh, they make you cry. You think they’ll be there forever. How could they not be?
But somehow, the texts become fewer, the calls less frequent. Maybe they move away and everyone just gets lost in their own little worlds. Months later, you’ll wonder where they went. You’ll ask yourself how you drifted apart and you’ll make a point to call them up. Maybe you’ll remember(probably not) but it wont be the same.
Time changes us, and no matter how much we try, we can’t be who we were back then.

You can’t do much about the past, and God only knows about the future, but now? That you can handle.
Its easy to take folks for granted: friends, family, significant others.. But don’t. Who knows what could happen next? Treasure them. Ask them how their day was. Tell them a joke. Love them. It’ll cost you nothing but happiness.     


7 thoughts on “In This Moment, Love

  1. I love your writing… you should try writing for the fictioneers… You would be great! 🙂 See details on my blog here

  2. Nice post, been thinking on this subject a lot lately.

  3. Sopi says:

    I totally relate to this post! *ahem
    Well-written 🙂

  4. lightliver says:

    Echoed my exact thoughts!

  5. naigha says:

    Loved evey part of it 🙂
    God bless:)

    Read my first blog post here:->>

  6. Hey Mwende,
    I’ve silently been preeing on your posts recently and this one made me come out of the shadow. “Sometimes I doubt the past”, this little sentence caught my attention straight away because I have felt this too many times. Both positively and negatively.
    Thank you for sharing this ❤

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