Beyond Cupid and Roses


They tell you of racing hearts and hands that find their way to each other as you walk down a stretch. They write poems and ballads about shared laughs and warm embraces. They create movies, showcasing the strength of love …but they never give the whole story.

They never tell you how weak it makes you to love. How vulnerable to know that a person could crush your heart whenever
they so please.

They never tell you of how crazy it could make you, to think of someone so much, until their image in your mind is distorted. 

They never speak of that little part of yourself that you hate, that eagerly jumps to do that person’s every whim.

They never say that sometimes you can become such a part of someone that you lose yourself and disappear into the idea of ‘you’ that they think you should be.

They never tell you that love opens you up to an assault that that could leave your heart crippled for years.

They never talk of the possibility of having to forget someone you know so well because that’s the only way the pain will stop.

If they did speak of it, if they did tell us the whole story, would it change anything? Or would we still run into burning buildings? Its only a matter of time before the roof caves in..


5 thoughts on “Beyond Cupid and Roses

  1. Esther Neema says:

    Yes, we still woul, knowing that we know the breaks of it, and yet when a new love arrives, our hearts readily or sometimes open even though we know that the possibility in the end may or may not be a heart break

  2. I love your blog,I subscribed and read each one,you have a way with words and the abstract that resonates with me,I just went through a major breakup,my first and I’m still not sure how to move on,let alone if I’ll find love again,but deep down inside I hope I do,coz as painful as it may be,love is a beatiful thing:)stay blessed

  3. kashortie says:

    We’d run into them still, we do even after the pain or the hurt that we get from the past..
    We’re human. I guess we can’t help it.

  4. kashortie says:

    We still we still will
    We’re human, I guess we can’t help it..

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