‘Just for a day?’
‘Then after that?’
‘After that I’ll climb a bus back to Nairobi and you’ll go back to you’re life. No hopes, no promises. It’ll be a perfect memory ‘

She regarded him with a furrowed brow. He smiled through the silence and it took all her might not to crack a smile or to break out into her happy dance.
Of course she was saying yes, but there was no need for him to know how much she wanted to say it! Truth is, the no-strings attached condition was the last thing she wanted. But their world’s were so far apart…

So she was going to take what she could get. A day. A magical day when she could dream and pretend that it was never going to end. A day when she wouldn’t glance at her phone anxiously because the person she wanted to talk to would be there with her.   

He was going to hurt her. She knew that with absolute certainity, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. If she had her day, her perfect complete day, then the dark clouds could come on round. He was right; it would be the perfect memory.

‘Im in … but on one condition.’
He let out a loud whoop and did a small jig. When the other people on the street started to stare, she almost felt embarrassed .. almost.   


His smile was so infectious she didn’t even try to fight her own.
She grabbed the keys to his car out of his hand before he realized what she was doing.

‘Im driving ‘.

She rushed to the drivers side of his car and slipped in as he went on a tirade of what a terrible driver she was and something about his precious baby.
She knew he was talking about the car, but still her heart jumped a little.

He looked are her hopelessly and made his way to the passengers side of the car.

‘Im not that bad of a driver,’ she said .
He put his arm over her chair and leaned in slightly.
‘I’ve seen you drive… yes, you are. Just make sure no one gets hurt, okay?’

Maybe it was his proximity, or his eyes, or that languid smile or the fact that she was a hot-blooded female, but in that moment she knew she was a goner.
‘Too late ‘ she muttered under her breath.   

(Harakiri is a form of honorable suicide committed by a samurai )


5 thoughts on “Harakiri

  1. nice! Very very nice!

  2. sokaylujo says:

    Beautiful. What a way to bring it out !

  3. Pablo West says:

    very interesting blog you have here. definitely getting my vote. also why not check out http://www.pablowest38.wordpress.com it’ll be worth your while

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