Sense vs sensibility


There is a war that ensues between the heart and the mind. A war that has no mercy and spares not even the innocence of a babe.
From dusk till dawn, swords draw blood, the sound of metal against metal and grunts of frustration is all that can be heard. To that end, there is only one goal; survival. But only one can survive.

I am not unscathed. The battle marks me as its own . There is no wining for me, no matter which way it goes. With each day one army grows stronger, but in a flip of a coin, the other forces crush their defenses. I grow weaker by the day.

I tire of it all and crave for days of peace. Before this poison was introduced into my body.

I do not know how long I shall last or if I shall, at all. Will there be a victor standing? Shall this land ever know peace again? None is coming to my aid, so I shall lay here and marvel at how blue the sky is. Until my final breath.     


3 thoughts on “Sense vs sensibility

  1. samuregz says:

    I love this piece

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