I’ve had the worst writer’s block these last couple of months but today words are flowing with less difficulty.

The BAKE awards are here and yours truly has been nominated in the best creative blog category *cue scream*. I am so thrilled!!! Thank you to all those people who submitted this blog and thank you for believing in me.

I’m nominated alongside Bikozulu, who is like the best blogger this side south of the Sahara and Crazynairobian who, though crazy, lets be honest, we follow the posts religiously.  Then there’s lil ‘ol me in the corner with the ball of string trying to make heads or tails of it.

I’m honored to be named beside such greats. Okay, end of post bye bye, see you next post 🙂 🙂 :)………….

VOTE FOR ME!!! I know its a pipe dream to think I can compete with such heavyweights but only you can give me a fighting chance so kindly vote here .  Ok, now I’m done.        


Losing Mojo

My Mojo’s gone. He disappeared into the still of the night. I don’t know if he went kicking, his scream muffled by the gloved hand of his kidnapper. Could he have been unhappy? Did he pack up his few valuables in search of true joy? Did he run away? From me?

The house is quiet, now that Mojo’s gone, but sometimes it’s like he’s still around . If I think hard enough I can hear him in the kitchen, whipping up a sandwich, or in the living room, flipping restlessly through the channels.

I miss Mojo. If you see him, tell him to come home. Tell him I’m sorry and that I really do love him.
If he was kidnapped, if he is dead … then bring me back his body that I may lay him to rest in peace.