Confusion and other Silly Emotions

Its like a leech; a blood-sucking leech attached to my brain, draining it of all sense. I guess it’s more accurate to call it a sense-sucking leech, isn’t it?

Argh! Its driving me crazy!! But the more I struggle, the deeper it sinks it’s fangs. ( does a leech have fangs?! Or is it hooks? What sense-sucking device does this lecherous beast have?! ….see what I mean?).

I sigh in defeat as I grow weak and faint. I thirst for a drop of sense. My lips, chapped, my tongue, a dry carpet.. what form of hell is this?

I fear I have lost it; my sanity. I don’t even remember what it looks like. If I remember, I will pin it up on the notice board. Please, if you have seen my sanity ( in whatever form she may be in) kindly tell her to come home. There’ll be a warm glass of milk and a fresh batch of cookies, let her know. I wont be mad. I promise.
Its agony. But can agony be beautiful? If it can, then I’m enthralled. Sometimes, (you know, when I breathe) I don’t hate the leech as much as I should. Sometimes, its kinda, you know, not a bother.
But it has to go,right? If only because leeches suck (teehee). And maybe because it’s killing me?          


5 thoughts on “Confusion and other Silly Emotions

  1. V says:

    …am glad we’re starting the new year addressing the issues…

  2. misswinzy says:

    You have a way with words! 🙂 sorry about the ‘leech’ though.And your sanity called,it asked for you too 😀 nice piece…

  3. Sopi says:

    I can relate to this post…kind of lakini..hehe. Cant wait to see you next week so i get the real deal 🙂 beautiful work as always!

  4. Ngobia says:

    This is great stuff.. i commend ua work..
    as the greats said.. a big shot is a small shot who kept shooting.. i see a big shot in this.

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