Love Like the Movies

I was brought up on a diet of cinematic goodness. To say the least, movies have been, and still are, one of my most favorite things in the world. I love getting lost in a story line, a great character who, for two hours or so, makes you completely forget about… everything. Everything except the tale unfolding before your eyes.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I guess that depends. I’ve been told that sometimes I seem to be in another world, completely apart from reality. I’m still figuring out if that’s good or bad.

Anyhu, we were hanging out with some friends one time and one of the guys literally swept his girlfriend off her feet. Literally.
It was really sweet but, I confess, a bit of a cultural shock to me because it seemed like one of those things Kenyans don’t usually do . (Not in front of me, anyway.)

I love movies but there’sĀ  a degree of separation in my mind between what I see on screen and what I have known to be reality. In movies, the guy sweeps the girl off her feet, buys her flowers and jewelry, writes her name across the sky and that is a great ‘aww’ moment. In Kenya, hug a girl for more than 5 seconds and the whole street stares at you like you’re slime. Try kissing her and the whole street will gasp collectively and get a heart attack.Ā 

I’m no realist (the blog name says it all) but I’ve got to ask; is the love in the movies for real?

That adorable act got a guy saying (after he gave a disclaimer that nothing he was about to say should be held against him in any way) that his ultimate romantic moment would be if while he is walking with a girl he fancies, romantic music begins to play; suddenly and completely unplanned. We roasted him thoroughly for that and even tried to make his dream come true (we were that group of people on Biashara street singing completely off key. That was fun. šŸ™‚ ).

But it got me thinking ; how real is it? Is it just a marketing gimmick? Will I truly look into someone’s eyes one day and think ‘this is it’? Sweaty palms? shortened breath? Flirty giggling? Hair twirling? (Yes, my hair is twirlable) Lying on the road just to watch the traffic lights change color? Wait! Scratch that; that’s equivalent to suicide in Nairobi. Ok.. just sit on the beach and watch a big ball of fire disappear behind the glistening ocean? And not think about the scorpions while I’m at it? Or the mosquitoes?

Will I ever figure it out? Have you figured it out? Or is it just one of ‘those things’? You know; ‘those things’ no one ever elaborates on but says it with a knowing look and a nudge with the elbow?

13 thoughts on “Love Like the Movies

  1. James says:

    Love movies imagination flies

  2. ecks13 says:

    Haha,u blogged what ‘we’ were all thinking…nice piece

  3. Olive says:

    I have figured it out it actually exists but that’s just part of it šŸ™‚

  4. Prince says:

    Magic is not where your mind finds it but where your heart makes it.

  5. kawkeytrish says:

    ecks13 so so right ….we all want it…. maybe the “this does not happen in Kenya” should end. awesome work

  6. V says:

    If we think of film as a depiction of an aspect of society. As a revelation of the loud and silent norms…then that film is telling us that it does happen…and it doesn’t happen to that exception couple that gets their own “based-on-a-true story” …no, it happens to mama nani and baba nani…but films also depict a longing for something…but you can’t want something you don’t know…a man does not know he is poor until he meets someone wealthier than him or tastes wealth for the same grain of thought…a society will not feed us fairytales unless they know they exist or used to!

    so in short…Yes, it does happen…someone KNOWS, not everytime but most of the time… yes, your heart goes paragasha…and yes, i know people whose lives sound like fairtytales and after blah years and blah kids later, its still had to believe how real it is…be vulnerable but not naive…


  7. agwatakwamby says:

    am trusting my gut feeling and taking cahnces on it, i know somewhere in my future i am going to get that love, koz we get wat we outsearching fro. am not settling for anything less Miss Nguti

  8. Wambui says:

    I personally dont like PDA; Maybe its the way I was brought up that makes it quite uncomfortable. I have mzungu friends who kiss like every few minutes for no reason (atleast there seems to be no reason to me). And I always feel like i should dissapear for their sake, I certainly dont feel like grabbing my husband and doing the same. but, that said, in his own African, non-PDA way I know we have our own magic šŸ™‚ Bila music and what-nots but genuine friendship, respect and love…i think thats what is bound to stand the test of time, rather than romance….

  9. Mwende great piece! This magic is there in real life my husband played guitar and sang to me as I walked down the aisle šŸ™‚ True story..I have to say that it requires some work so to speak..every now and then I plan a date night at home, nice dinner, candles etc and make the magic myself:-)

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