Big Beautiful

It’s a beautiful night out my window and I wish to speak you tonight.
But the selfish clouds, the oh-so selfish clouds hide you within their cotton folds.
Let the moon out, I beg, let me ask the questions that plague my heart tonight.
Let me see its mysterious glow, it’s glow that holds the secrets of a thousand hearts.
‘How many whisper their hearts to you tonight?’, I would ask.
If I could see the moon I would inquire of the lies I tell myself, or are they even lies?
If I could look into the sky and see that big, beautiful ball, I would ask if it’s lonely being up in the sky all alone.
If the moon could see me, it would say, ‘ not lonelier than the girl who only shows her heart to the moon.’ 

One thought on “Big Beautiful

  1. SaMuregz says:

    beautiful…#nuff said

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