A Moment

They stood there, as still as the night,
Not speaking, barely moving.
His forehead laid on hers, light as a butterfly’s kiss.

They stood there for a moment and felt it all,
Everything they’d tried to hold back, everything they had been looking for all eternity.
They stood there, breathing the same breath,
Their hearts beating in time,
For that moment, they existed seamlessly; he did not know where she ended and where he began. And in that moment, it did not matter. It was just right.

They spoke a language that went beyond words, beyond simple emotion,
Their spirits mingled under the moonlight, dancing to the symphony that echoed on the warm night’s breeze.

‘Hello’ they seemed to say.
‘Hello but goodbye’.
Each was lost to their senses, greedily trying to take in as much of the moment as they could. The sight, the feel … the perfection . The heartbreaking perfecton of it all.

But it ended.
They took a step back from each other with one last glance to savour it all,
Then like mist, they disappeared into the night, their steps echoing in the empty street.
They never looked back.


7 thoughts on “A Moment

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    There is nothing more beautiful than pure and undefiled friendship – and that comes out so beautiful in this short prose – well composed!

  2. Sopi says:

    hehehe…do I spill wat it is about??? 😀 😀 nicely done dear!

  3. nice piece, sounds a little of river between though

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