Me, Myself and Introspection

I had no idea I was missing something! It’s like thinking the world is fuzzy until that ‘aha’ moment that the optician gives you a pair of transcription glasses. I have been running up and down these last few weeks, always rushing somewhere or even to enter the mat before the first raindrop falls so that I don’t pay that extra 40 bob. Then I get home and I’m out like a light.  That’s how October came and went.
Then today happened ..

It’s like a general rule to NEVER ever ever …ever, go to an event alone, right?  As in you bought the ticket, you’ve been psyching up with your pal for months but when that day comes and s/he has gone to shags, you just drag your deflated balloon and your broken heart back to your empty uneventful apartment and wallow. Apparently, this is better than going to an event alone.

My ‘person’ wasn’t getting back to me and my first instinct was just to forget the whole thing (because we all know there’s nothing worse tham having a nice quip wasted on a stone-faced stranger) but at the same time, I really didn’t want to miss it(and thank God I didn’t).

The thing about having earphones that don’t work is that there’s this weird thing that happens that is just so not trending in 2012… self reflection. (That sounds so much better than ‘having a conversation in your head’ 🙂 ).

So I’m walking through town in no particular hurry, not having to keep with any conversation other than the one going on in my head and I felt… happy. Content.

The event was absolutely amazing! If you love the arts and your looking for a place to meet like minded folks, the BOGOF is definitely for you. Today’s event featured the premiere of a great short film called SPILLED which was amazing (have I said that already?).. As in..wah!! (You can’t see how I’m struggling to find words… but I am). It was that good!   

As I lay down to sleep, I realize that I have missed me. I’ve had me all along but somehow in the bustle of life, it’s like we’ve completely forgotten how to talk to each other.
In fact, I’ll start taking me and my lonesome for a nice book/coffee date just for the company.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Me, Myself and Introspection

  1. Samuel Ngumah says:

    Nice read! Really loved the bit about the earphones – can totally identify with it! Can’t wait for the next post!

  2. sopi says:

    FINALLY!!!!! Another post…! you had me at self reflection! hehe…while reading it i had that ‘mwende moment’ right there. lol. Its always a pleasure reading dear…:-)

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