Big Beautiful

It’s a beautiful night out my window and I wish to speak you tonight.
But the selfish clouds, the oh-so selfish clouds hide you within their cotton folds.
Let the moon out, I beg, let me ask the questions that plague my heart tonight.
Let me see its mysterious glow, it’s glow that holds the secrets of a thousand hearts.
‘How many whisper their hearts to you tonight?’, I would ask.
If I could see the moon I would inquire of the lies I tell myself, or are they even lies?
If I could look into the sky and see that big, beautiful ball, I would ask if it’s lonely being up in the sky all alone.
If the moon could see me, it would say, ‘ not lonelier than the girl who only shows her heart to the moon.’ 


Msichana wa Nairobi: the Chronicles

Today was a great day. I rarely  say this because somewhere in my twisted mind, I feel like I’m daring fate. If anything terrible was to happen it would probably happen now……… nope. Nothing *Thank you, God*….. still here :). #phew.

Back to compounding the awesomeness of the day, great things didn’t happen today but I would say the beauty was all in the details. The morning brought with it’s (now)usual weather mood swings but after the other day I think we all learnt our lesson ( when the clouds looked so ominous that everyone left home ready for the mother of all rainy days, only for a scorching hot afternoon) ( no one was laughing, fate. It wasn’t funny… ok, maybe a little ).
Got to school in time, had a productive group meeting. Is it me or does group work sometimes feel like a game with  the twist being that 90% of the task is actually working as a group and not the assignment? Anyhu, did the impossible .

At a point I found myself trying out the cool moves of ‘Wakwitu’,  in the best Faiba ( and in my opinion, Kenyan ) advertisement.  ( Pwani life and Daima,  take notes! Stop giving us mini-heartattacks in traffic with your billboards ). It’s so cool that he sounds authentically kao when he says, ‘ai, mboss wee’! #ilaugh

Going back home, there was a monster jam so I decided to ‘rest my eyes’. Next thing I know the lady beside me says ‘Someone has died up ahead’.
Somehow that slapped the last inkling of sleep from my person. I don’t know why I looked. But I did. I’m kind of a daredevil when it comes to crossing the road ( not really). More like a ‘nigonge uone ‘  confidence .

My first instinct was to completely ignore the scene but deep down I needed to see it so that it could register in my head how serious it all is.    

You know how they sometimes liken the human head to a watermelon? Its true. That’s all I’ll say.

Chivalry ain’t dead
A person I later on learnt was my neighbour helped me carry 10l of water up the stairs. And who said chivalry was dead?! Oh wait! I did…point taken, I guess. Its interesting how in this age we’re not very neighbourly with our neighbours, isn’t it?

Lastly, ( I know, I know, its really long but stay with me a moment ) its that time of the year again; BAKE AWARDS!!! This will be the second awards since its inception last year, where you get to appreciate the best Kenyan bloggers. Last year I cheekily nominated myself ..and fell flat on my face :). (No worries, I was rolling on the floor laughing. 😉 ). Coming up against the greats such as the Bikozulu?? As in, what was I thinking?!? Get the joke now?

You’re the guys who’ve suffered through this post and many others like it so, what do you think? Should I do it? Or should I just end this post already and with it my hopes?    

A Moment

They stood there, as still as the night,
Not speaking, barely moving.
His forehead laid on hers, light as a butterfly’s kiss.

They stood there for a moment and felt it all,
Everything they’d tried to hold back, everything they had been looking for all eternity.
They stood there, breathing the same breath,
Their hearts beating in time,
For that moment, they existed seamlessly; he did not know where she ended and where he began. And in that moment, it did not matter. It was just right.

They spoke a language that went beyond words, beyond simple emotion,
Their spirits mingled under the moonlight, dancing to the symphony that echoed on the warm night’s breeze.

‘Hello’ they seemed to say.
‘Hello but goodbye’.
Each was lost to their senses, greedily trying to take in as much of the moment as they could. The sight, the feel … the perfection . The heartbreaking perfecton of it all.

But it ended.
They took a step back from each other with one last glance to savour it all,
Then like mist, they disappeared into the night, their steps echoing in the empty street.
They never looked back.

Me, Myself and Introspection

I had no idea I was missing something! It’s like thinking the world is fuzzy until that ‘aha’ moment that the optician gives you a pair of transcription glasses. I have been running up and down these last few weeks, always rushing somewhere or even to enter the mat before the first raindrop falls so that I don’t pay that extra 40 bob. Then I get home and I’m out like a light.  That’s how October came and went.
Then today happened ..

It’s like a general rule to NEVER ever ever …ever, go to an event alone, right?  As in you bought the ticket, you’ve been psyching up with your pal for months but when that day comes and s/he has gone to shags, you just drag your deflated balloon and your broken heart back to your empty uneventful apartment and wallow. Apparently, this is better than going to an event alone.

My ‘person’ wasn’t getting back to me and my first instinct was just to forget the whole thing (because we all know there’s nothing worse tham having a nice quip wasted on a stone-faced stranger) but at the same time, I really didn’t want to miss it(and thank God I didn’t).

The thing about having earphones that don’t work is that there’s this weird thing that happens that is just so not trending in 2012… self reflection. (That sounds so much better than ‘having a conversation in your head’ 🙂 ).

So I’m walking through town in no particular hurry, not having to keep with any conversation other than the one going on in my head and I felt… happy. Content.

The event was absolutely amazing! If you love the arts and your looking for a place to meet like minded folks, the BOGOF is definitely for you. Today’s event featured the premiere of a great short film called SPILLED which was amazing (have I said that already?).. As in..wah!! (You can’t see how I’m struggling to find words… but I am). It was that good!   

As I lay down to sleep, I realize that I have missed me. I’ve had me all along but somehow in the bustle of life, it’s like we’ve completely forgotten how to talk to each other.
In fact, I’ll start taking me and my lonesome for a nice book/coffee date just for the company.  🙂