The Notebook

I finally watched The Notebook. FINALLY! It only took me forever. I’ve heard people say that it is the ultimate romantic movie ever and I’d think ‘eh’, maybe it’ll be just ok. I’ve watched my fair share of rom-coms, some great, others, not so much. So I guess on some level you could (I admit, I do ) call me an expert.

Considering the current ongoing  rom-com draught, ( which there is! There hasn’t been a decent rom-com in the last 3 years!! ) The Notebook was my only option.

After hearing its praises, I already had high expectations by the time it began. Most movies would fall flat compared to my expectation.  Not this one. No. This one, it’s on a level of its own. It had me smiling from the get go. The cast is delicious (read Ryan Gosling)! The banter even more!!
The storyline, oh the storyline is … its…. I just love it!

It’s nothing out of the ordinary! Nicholas Sparks wrote it in his signature sweet and simple fashion but he exceeded himself on this one!

I smiled,  I laughed and despite every effort not to, I cried.
I’ve got the warm-fuzzies! I don’t know how else to put it. My heart is smiling.



5 thoughts on “The Notebook

  1. Olive says:

    when i’ve finally gotten time to surf i’ve come to find you’ve written so many articles in such a shortwhile, I like the consistency and the fact that they’re good reads. Kudos.

  2. V says:

    wewe notebook is not a Rom-Com…

  3. agwatakwamby says:

    for da 1st tyme al hacve to say, am on different sides with you, as i also had huuuggge expectations, buh aftr watchinh i was like RREEAALLLYY !!! nat one of ma fav

  4. El316 says:

    mmmh now that you have enticed me on this one, i will have to look for it.

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