A Frogs’ Symphony

The first time I heard them, I wasn’t even sure what they were. I was about to fall asleep but the sound drove me to the brink of being awake.

People describe bad singing as being frog-like but right outside my bedroom window, two floors away I hear them singing and I don’t hate it.

Its a strange sound. It’s like a rippling echo resounded that begs
you to listen.

Somehow, tonight, their song is beautiful. Sure it doesn’t have the light and texture of the morning birds. Yes, it doesn’t put a dance to your feet, but it’s still beautiful. Not classically beautiful, but the raw beauty that is purely natural.

Tonight, I am lulled to sleep by the song of the frogs . And there’s nothing else I would rather listen too.   


3 thoughts on “A Frogs’ Symphony

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    This one is so beautiful – there’s something deep in our soul that resonates with nature – and once in a while we get in sync with the beauty around us! I think you just had that experience! A beautiful piece!

  2. untonyto says:

    Short and sweet

  3. i love “a frog’s symphony”

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