Material World

It’s a terrible feeling to not have. To know that something you need cannot be in your hand for one reason or another … it humbles a man. It takes you down the peg you did not realize you had raised yourself to. It makes you realize how fickle the comfort in having really is ; one moment you have, the next, you have not.

Such humility easily compounds to pain when you, who has not, meets or even just brushes shoulders with a person who has. It only takes a glance at their lazily confident gait to tell which category they may fall into. With each step, the very set of their shoulders can say it all; I have.

You see, a person who has, wants to be seen while a person who doesn’t, would rather not disturb the air surrounding them. They would rather stick to the wall while the former grabs every eye in the room. Its one thing to not have but it’s another for someone else to realize that you just… don’t have.

Anything can be had but not everything needs having. Want is relative, need is something that has to be had. Missing something that needs to be had …. well, it can kill you, but it will make you stronger. 


6 thoughts on “Material World

  1. Msee says:

    I hear you! One must survive.

  2. V says:

    …you never know you don’t have until you meet someone who has…sometimes to have is to have nothing at all to hold onto but to have it all that makes up for it…and those who have what you don’t have would trade it all for what you have…

  3. agwatakwamby says:

    yu always leave me better thatn i was, yu make realise, what i dont have , yu have, and wat i have you dont, but amidst us having and not having the world still goes on. life has its own intelligence,it gies wat yu need and not wat you want. i adore you mwende nguti

  4. Ruth says:

    Hey Mwende, I love your blog but i must admit its overwhelmingly long.
    It would be easier to find articles if you can limit the number of articles per page.

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