Where The Heart Belongs


They went there on their first date. Their first date… well, that’s debatable. She had made it clear that a ‘date’ was the last thing it was and he had agreed with her,with a telling smile and a twinkle in his eye.
A cup of coffee between colleagues was all it was supposed to be. But it turned into 4 cups of joe, a slice of chocolate fudge and the best slice of black cherry cake either of them had ever eaten . Who they were to each other was somehow no longer set in stone.

It was the perfect day and a walk seemed like a plan. Conversation flowed seamlessly, a delicate, silky fabric . Words mingled with laughter. He pulled her out of the way of a rogue cyclist and after they both gave the retreating figure a piece of their mind, they proceeded, her nerves a little frazzled. Him? Not so much. The ordeal was easily forgotten with the feel of her hand encased in his. She squeezed his hand lightly.  She didn’t mind. She didn’t mind at all.

Neither of them could remember, upon reflection , what they particularly talked about. It seemed like that there was nothing they didn’t talk about, nothing except the very moment. But every word that wasn’t uttered was expressed in the curve of her smile and the light hold of his hand on hers.    

The sun shone a little brighter, the flowers, even more fragrant. Were the trees whispering in the wind? They swayed softly, gracefully, moving to a melody that they had been playing for centuries. A song that only now, was audible to the couple .
A song, not of the past, nor that of the future.
As they sat on a bench and a stray flower fell on her hair, he reached out to pick it out and their eyes met. Her cheeks flushed a shade deeper as their eyes met and held. It was unmistakable to both of them. It was the song that had been echoed through time. It was the song of the moment. The melody to just… ‘Be’. To relish the moment and somehow capture it all; what they were feeling, the caress of the soft wind, the sweet kiss of the sun, the perfection of the moment altogether. It felt like everything was right where it was supposed to be. It felt like home.


2 thoughts on “Where The Heart Belongs

  1. sopi says:

    is it me ama does everyone else want more of your writing!!!!!! you always bring it out so well mwende. way to go dear!

  2. Samuel Nguma says:

    To “Sopi” above; it’s not only you that wishes Mwende could drop two of her hot coals everyday!!! If only she could listen to our cry!!!

    To the author; this one is a lovely story! I love the part when the rogue cyclist almost ruined the perfect evening! I can only imagine what a typical Kenyan would say!

    Nice read!

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