Hope Against Hope

The moon tonight… so big, so round and bright! I easily forget that its just a rock stealing light. I know its illegal to be a romantic these days, but I can’t deny that staring up at this big luminous rock against the dark night sky, I can’t help but think.

I can’t help but think of the possibility that you, wherever you are, may be looking up at this very second and staring at the very same moon that I am looking at. And to tell you the truth, the thought brings no peace to mind. Instead, there are so many questions! For instance, what side of the world are you on?
Are you a romantic or a cynic ( or a weird combination of the two, which is what I am)?
Have we ever met or is the moon as close as it gets?
Are you ever going to read this post?

Or am I just kidding myself?
Have I bought into a commercial conspiracy that created the ‘One’? The one everyone is looking for? The one everyone is trying to be?
I hate how everyone is trying to say the ‘right’ thing at the ‘right’ time. It’s downright irritating!! I get torn between bursting into laughter and sitting them down for a lesson on ‘How to get the girl’.

I don’t want Mr. Right. I don’t even want Mr. Right Now. All I want is Mr. Right For Me. You’d be surprised how hard he is to come by.

I am foolish enough to hope that someday ( you know, hopefully before I die), you and I could find our way towards each other.  And you would use the cheesily unforgivable “where have you been my whole life?”line, and caught up in the moment, I would sacrificially set aside my qualms about clichés and say,”Right here; waiting for you.”    

3 thoughts on “Hope Against Hope

  1. agwatakwamby says:

    there still very very many of us, . . the only promise keepyn us goin is someday … NICE.

  2. V says:

    Your barely cynical.

  3. chep says:

    love this piece!

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