This post gives you the option of naming it ( scroll down for more information )

I don’t travel during the day. I  wait for the sun to complete it’s Safari to the other side of the world before I board a bus. When it’s up to me, anyway. Today, it wasn’t. (Apparently, traveling boosts my blogging juices).

I cannot remember the last time I traveled with either of my parents, leave alone both of them. So, today’s been weird. I tend to get nauseous so food has been a complete no-no. The last time I travelled, I didn’t buy water, assuming that they would supply some in the bus as they usually do. They didn’t. I suffered. So today I bought water and they gave me more. I’m stuck sharing a seat with 3 bottles. (By the by, is it me or does Afia lemon taste like 7up? It doesn’t even taste like lemon!!!! And the way I had psyched up for it ….sigh).

Anywhoo, now I’m awake. I dosed of earlier while Dad taught Mum Greek (…… literally). It wasn’t even dosing, more like closed-eyes, semi-sleeping, semi-thinking state.

The thing about traveling alone is that you get stuck with some really interesting seatmates. I sat next to an advocate I had seen in Court while I was interning and we had an awesome conversation about faith and I got to share about Christ, which was awesome. There’s a time I sat next to a guy who had been in diaspora for more than 20 years and he’d come with his family for the first time since then. I’ve sat next to someone who chewed miraa and wore those hideous Jean suits and kept asking me if I was ok. I could go on and on…. bottom line, today I struck out.
Instead of staring into the growing dark or disturbing the peace of anyone who haplessly responds to the “Hi! Kunitupa nayo?!” text, I thought I would come by and clear some of the cobwebs on the blog.

I’ve been home for about a month now after my first year at University. Well, Uni is not high school, that’s for sure. When I’m in school, I’m at a new level of independence from that when I’m at home. I’m not the kid in the house anymore and I actually feel like an adult. And then I go home….

ION, I’m two readers away from achieving 5,000 views. WOO HOO!!!  Thank you for reading, especially you repeat offenders 😉


It feels impossible to get a title to this blog!! And my options are getting ridiculous ;
Bus-inga! (Think Sheldon Cooper)
I’m on the Highway (to hell??)
Greek, buses and all things unrelated
All things Bussy ( I’m killing myself, here! )
This post gives you the option of naming it ( scroll down for more information )

12 thoughts on “This post gives you the option of naming it ( scroll down for more information )

  1. starmueni says:

    u cut ur hair???!!!!!!! why…..?

  2. agwatakwamby says:

    i would name it ….. is been a while …

    koz is been a while since uv blogged, since uv travveled wit both ur prnts, been a while from campus, been a while at home been a while since u lacked a title 4 1 of ur pieces,
    i salute yu Nguti.i love love love ur writings.

  3. weirduh says:

    haha…Bus-inga(simply coz am a fan of Dr.C’s)and si id missed ur writin!!! Awesooooome post!!!!

  4. Olive says:

    Ok Bus-inga for me (coz i’m secretly hopin the hair thing is a prank ur pullin on us)

  5. Hmm.. also thinking of cutting my past-shoulder-length hair! I enjoyed my time in campus more than at home because of the independence.. happy holidays! wherever you are headed!

  6. isincera says:

    just saw your write very well..

  7. Sopi says:

    and you are serious about the hair!!!! hehe…i would call it stuck out. with mum n dad busy talking greek and no cool stranger to indulge in a conversation with…and above alll travelling at nyt????? you completely struck out! #sorry to take you bak on this previous blogs wit my comments#

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