Introducing You to Me

Hey you!

I need to talk to you. Well, ‘need’ kind of makes me out to be desperate- which I’m not! Me? Desperate? No way! I’m actually meeting someone today in fact and it’s a special someone, if you know what i mean. So ‘desperate’ is no way to describe me. Nope, not me. No way. I’m… Uhm… anyway, I want to talk to you.

Do you know me? Probably not. I don’t even know why I asked that! Well, I actually have a question -more like questions to ask you.

First , what is your name? You must agree that ‘you’ comes off as being more rude than anything else. Not that I’m curious or anything. I could do without knowing! Its not like I talk about you and its not like I’m tired of calling you ‘him’ in my mind. Its purely for your sake. The logic is quite clear! You understand that, don’t you?

Would you think me a stalker if I said that I’ve been watching you?
Ok ,that came out wrong! What I meant to say is ‘would you think me a stalker if I said I’ve noticed you?
Why? I don’t know. I wish I did because it would really make me sound more sane. All I can say is that … you’ve caught my attention.

Would you think me a fool if I said that every time we cross paths, there seems to be a moment?
Guilty, I’m a hopeless romantic, but tell me it wasn’t all in my head!
Tell me that you also feel the pull to look up without really knowing why, until our eyes meet. Is it my imagination or do you hold my gaze in a silent dance? Am I the only one who feels time slow? Do you also forget what you were saying and is the only thought in your head a contemplative “hmm”?

I know words have never passed between us and there seems to be no place where our worlds intersect  but still, I wonder… have you seen me?
Or am I just a blur in a sea of a thousand faces?
I see you. I don’t know you. But I see you.

I know there’s a huge chance I’m setting myself up for embarrassment and pain, but I have to ask! It doesn’t even have to do with the fact that its the 21st century and its no longer upto the guy to make the first move. Although, I would be lying of I said I didn’t have a feminist bone in me. About 206 of them, to be exact.     
I’ve kept you long enough and I need to be getting on my way. Unless, of course, you want to hang out, or something. You know, no big deal.I’m cool either way. Cool. I’m cool.

I should go before I say something else I will regret. I just wanted to say, “Hey, my name is Mwende.”

One of these days…

I have a name 🙂 🙂


13 thoughts on “Introducing You to Me

  1. Olive says:

    hehe..i sure hope its not the one you were tryin to run away from

  2. ecks13 says:

    i can’t help but => afta reading this!really gud…n nice meeting u Mwende,we shld totally hang out sme time… 😉

  3. El316 says:

    i met someone you know the other day and went like ”av bin lookin for you?” that was magical to them so mwende, ”av bin watchin you”


  4. starmueni says:

    hmmm,I wonder do I kno of him?

  5. eye-v says:

    haha here, a megaphone, please:-)

  6. agwatakwamby says:

    from da tyme i started readyn , i knew which guy my heart was syn. i knnooowwww him, saddest part is i can nevr man up enough to do as the story said, buh its def felt like i was back in class, n school corridors wit him. thankyew

  7. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaar reading your blogs is waaaaay too interesting……had to comment on this one…. *so relatable*

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