Has it truly been a year since I started blogging?! When I started, I was sure I wouldn’t last more than 3 months, having run out of things to write about. It felt like I would enter a dark room and pour my heart out, not knowing that figures lurked in the shadows.

As the days have gone by, these ‘figures’ are the ones that have kept me going. With their kind words and keen eye in identifying typos, they have become my support system.

Writing, one may say, is simply an expression, but the last year has shown me the joy of being heard. My words are not hidden in a hardcover diary, for a select few but are before you, naked. Showing you, telling you…

There are those who’ve seen me since 12, clutching at my dreams of becoming a writer. Folks like AgwataKwamby, Vee, Olive, Mueni , Kenty, Sima2 and many others who knew the girl before the writer and who I plagued to read my warped handwriting.(Thank God for technology ).

Then there are those who have come to know the girl behind the words. These are the faithful readers who care to live a comment know and again. I appreciate you all. El316, Smartie , I appreciate you both for the retweets and support.

I have to say that my best moment this year is when my dad read my blog for the first time and realized I could actually write. This barely tops the feeling of seeing my Mom comment on a post. (I must say, God gave me the awesome parents).     

And of course, God, the giver of the gift that is life. There’s a beautiful song by needtobreathe called Garden which puts what I want to say perfectly:

“Let the songs I sing bring joy to you,
let the words I say confess my love,
let the notes I chose be Your favorite tune,
And Father, let my heart be after You.”

I am nothing without God.

Here’s to the year ahead.


6 thoughts on “IT’S A BLOGGAVERSARY!!!! :)

  1. weirduh says:

    i love needtobreathe n their album frm which u quoted-the outsiders; ‘something beautiful’ makes me crayzeeee…. Yea, i get carried away wen t cmes to music…
    Great post n great great talent!!! Hav beautiful yr ahead putting smiles on our faces…Happy bloggaversary!!!!

  2. ecks13 says:

    happy bloggavesary!…the hardcover part,so me *hides*…waiting to read more of ur awesme work!

  3. Olive says:

    well the truth is i’m not shocked that its been a year..what with God being on your side and the fact that your talented how can anyone expect anything less. Hope you get even better at your writing with time..always room for improvement right 🙂 HAPPY BLOGGAVERSARY!!
    (just like you to come up with such a name) 🙂

  4. Happy blogversary. I like your stories.. I’ve subscribed so I never miss any!

  5. agwatakwamby says:

    ure living history that all its takes is 1 step. 1 beggginig, an ounce of courage to get out of our comfort zone, and show the world who we are, our outsatnding God given talents, that can move mountains,those in our own selves and of those we love. i thank you for enriching my year,my soul, my life, kudos Faith Mwende Nguti , i salute yu galfwend.

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