Idle Thoughts


I dream a wistful dream that has no place in my world. A dream that would no doubt warrant a ludicrous laugh at it’s mention. I dream the impossible and play “what if”, losing myself to the beautiful thought. You might as well be on a different planet but what if?
I know who you are but knowledge does nought to quell the persisting thought. 
“What if?”

I dream of eyes the color of rich molten chocolate ; dark,silky, smooth. They draw me into their dark recesses and hold me steady in their gaze. I dare not move, I dare not breath, lest I break the spell.
Worlds separate us but for a fraction of a second, we are on the same planet, under the same sun, breathing the same air … feeling the same things? I dare not, dare I? 

“What if? What if?”
What if the world would stop spinning on its axis for a moment so we could all think straight?
What if the sun, the glorious sun, would ease up as we tried to fix our ozone layer?
What if hair would stay in place the whole day?
What if the fuse box stopped acting up and I wont have to die from a suspicious fume inhalation?
What if I find the perfect book?
What if I write the perfect book?
What if
What if


2 thoughts on “Idle Thoughts

  1. Steven says:

    *a true dreamer!* that is an awesome 1

  2. V says:

    Dude-ette, you had me at chocolate…hahaha!!

    “Dream a little dream for me”

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