Valentine Fever *Not*

Its February.  So what’s on everyone’s mind?! VALENTINE’S DAY! From bashing it to psyching up for it, the blogosphere (not to mention the whole world) is abuzz.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m about to firmly assert my pro-vals or anti-vals position and then I’ll try to win you over with my sound judgment (we know it is) and perfectly constructed argument. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not what this post is about. After all, why say what’s already been said?
A pal of mine put it rather squarely in his own Valentine’s themed post here .

Frankly, I don’t have an opinion on Valentine’s. It may be a marketing gimmick . It may be a day people placate their guilt for not showing their love to their significant others for the last 364 days. It may be a day to alienate all those who are not in a relationship. It may even be a day, set aside specifically for you to go all out, forget about life and it’s craziness and focus on each other. I don’t know.
A day is what you make it. You give it its meaning.

On a closely related subject, I watch the Wedding Show. Don’t  look at me like that! Yes, I’m an idealistic girl who dreams of lace, ruffles and flowers. Sue me! (And yet I am to a degree a feminist. Its allowed!).
Anyway , all kinds of couples are featured on the Wedding Show. Young and old, rich and poor, big and small …. from all walks of life! We watch the program for a number of reasons. (Yes, we. Sometimes with my sisters, sometimes with friends. Never alone.)

Sure, we ogle the flower arrangements and salivate over the cakes and we ooh and aah over the dress, but mostly, we diss! There’s always something to diss, no matter how awesome the wedding is. Not that we’re fully fledged haters! We give credit where credit is due, but where its not, we diss!
But the main thing, the main reason we set aside an hour each week to watch 2 couples walk down the aisle and dance mugithi in a circle are for some measly two minutes. Sometimes less.

“It all started when…”
The story. That’s it. Just the story. How they met, how it all began. That’s where the flavour of the Wedding Show is, in my opinion. People meet in all kinds of ways. For some, its the whole customer-supplier scenario or who saw who singing in the choir or, of course, the friend of a friend scene.

The point to the ramble? I’m getting to it!

“So why do you love him/her?”   
And they proceed to say things like it was her smile, her singing, she’s caring, she’s beautiful, he’s a good man, he’s loving, he’s God-fearing and of course he’s/ she’s my best-friend.
Pablo Neruda is a brilliant poet and I can’t say it any better,
I do not love you except because I love you.  
No one ever says that! Traits fade, people change, so when it happens do you fall out of love?
Love is not because of but in spite of. Its a decision.


One thought on “Valentine Fever *Not*

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    I believe that love is 1% the feeling; and 99% the responsibility of choosing to stay in love…

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