The Illusion

The lie dances on the tip of my tongue,
It skirts the edges of my reality, blurring the lines between what’s fake and what’s real, between what’s fact and what’s simply my will.

The lie sings it’s sultry melody,
And it woes me,
It dares me to believe it,
Sweet and tender it beckons me and though I try, my resolve begins to weaken.

I know this song, I know this dance, but I can’t seem to fight it.
The lie has played me for a fool long enough and yet, finds no satisfaction in my fall,
It kicks me in the side though I lay on the cold cement,
It taunts me ,
And when I think my heart couldn’t possibly break again, it does.

See, the lie is a virus,
Disguised in all innocence, we welcome it,
We make it a part of our lives,
Not knowing it eats away something more in us each time we let it in,
And this space makes us crave for more and so the lie grows and grows.
Thinking we gain comfort, the virus multiplies, eating away at the very substance of our beings and we remain shells.
Empty. Needing….something. Anything to fill the space the lie took.
Then when you think its over and you can’t move on, a new day begins.

Don’t lie to yourself.

Goodbye January, Hello February *wink*    


4 thoughts on “The Illusion

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    A lie is sweet; very sweet; but wait until you savoured her taste and she invites her close cousin ‘consequence’ into the party… The two have a coniving way of making you dance to their tune… Or rather, they make you face the music!

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