The Great Reward

We are all stuck in line. Every single one of us. We surround ourselves with what we think matters. We strive to achieve goals that we believe we are supposed to achieve. We fight, we cry, we forget the people rather than the transgression.
We struggle under the weight of hate and bitterness but all we do is shift it’s position on our backs so as to carry even more.
We run in circles until we get dizzy ; can’t tell which way is up anymore. We are lost. We don’t know where we are. We don’t know who we are.  We are a broken people ; we don’t work the way we’re supposed to. But we can’t be sent back to the Manufacturer, at least not yet. We have to wait in line .

Then someone right in front of you goes. Then you think about all the things you should have said while they were around. It hits you that you will never get to see them again. Ever. That you never got to say those three little words.

Imagine you were the next one in line. Imagine that moment, which seems to stretch out forever. At first, there’s a rush of thoughts, fear taking over every single cell on your body. Then it hits you how final this all seems, and in that moment, everything will go quiet. The first thought you have, won’t be about all the work left unfinished at the office. It won’t be about how Nani forget your birthday. It won’t be about how Mum and Dad are mad at you.

I would think, “Did I do enough? Did I love them enough? ” Did they know that I loved them?
It’s easy to see how irritating a person is when you think you have forever. It’s easy to take them for granted.  But what if now is all you had? A moment. One last chance. What would you do? What would you say?

What if every day we’d take a moment and realize that tomorrow is not a guarantee? What if we would say all that needed to be said? Do all we were supposed to be? What if we were the people we were meant to be?
What if we realized that every new day is a chance to experience a love beyond anything we could ever comprehend? What if we could purpose each day to spend it with God? Now that would be the definition of walking in sunshine …
What if we lived? What if, while on the line, while we wait, we would give every second to anticipate when your time would be up? Not with regret. Not with foreboding, but with the satisfaction that you lived life in abundance, not to satisfy a hollow pit of desires, but to something much higher. Something you will get to find out once your time is up. 


6 thoughts on “The Great Reward

  1. Mokaya says:

    Must admit you are getting better with time. Keep at it! Cheers!

  2. tomas says:

    I like the new look of the site. Nice post!!

  3. weirduh says:

    even tolstoy’s “three questions” carries a similar message-“…Remember then: there is only
    one time that is important–
    Now! It is the most important time
    because it is the only time when we have any power. The most
    necessary man is he with whom you
    for no man knows whether he will ever
    have dealings with any one
    else: and the most important affair is, to do him good, because for
    that purpose alone was man sent into
    this life!”
    Nyc stuff!

  4. Samuel Nguma says:

    His presence is so sweet, so satisfying, I dare say, it is all that we need!

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