Kilio (A Cry of Anguish )

It’s a losing battle,
a struggle against the pull of the ocean,
It’s a scream that must be heard,
It’s frustration that must be expressed,
It’s a breath that can’t be drawn,
It’s the rain that falls unceasing,
It’s the incessant cry of an infant; loud, piercing and unending.
It’s the helplessness of a tree, swaying to the melody of the wind,
It’s a puzzle with a missing piece ,
It’s a song that must be sung, each note crooned to the heart’s content,
It’s these tears falling down my face,
It’s the cry that escapes my lips,
It’s the pain that tugs at my heart,
It’s the fight against emotion,
It’s the fight against giving in,
It’s a fight we face with shaky smiles and lying lips,
With hollow laughs and empty eyes,
With cold hearts and control,

But the music stops, the wind dies down,
The ocean regains calm, the noise dials down to a murmur …and all you hear is a heartbeat. Your heartbeat. Steady. Loud. Thump thump. Thump thump. Right then, in the silence, you stop fighting. Like a heavy cloud, it settles on your chest. A mass that won’t go away, a weight so unbearable, it gets harder to breath. You take that first breath and in that moment, you give in.

The ocean floods and the wind howls but you simply can’t hear it above the sound of your own cry. The sound of surrender. The sound of genuine emotion.

2 thoughts on “Kilio (A Cry of Anguish )

  1. Kilio z an awesome piece!! I hope u gt more like this

  2. Samuel Nguma says:

    I’ve never read one of your sweet articles that fast! That says there was so much rythm in this one! Absoute stunner!

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