But You Wouldn’t Understand


I wish I could tell you! I really wish I could, but of what use would it be if you don’t even comprehend it? 
You would brush it off as being ridiculous and wonder if my head was screwed on right. Maybe you would give me the benefit of doubt but it would still be difficult for you to conceive the idea.

What if I could tell you? What if you would hear what I would say and understand? Honestly, I don’t expect you to do so. But just in case there was just one person out there who could understand where I’m coming  from, what would I tell of?

I would tell of love.
I would tell of brown eyes that pierce my soul.
I would tell of a friendship that will last the test of time.
I would tell of tenderness that needs no interpretation.
I would tell of joyous reunions and tender silence.
I would tell of how proud I am of my baby.
I love the simplicity of our relationship. Therein lies it’s perfections.

She’s mine.

I would tell the story of her precious black button nose,
Maybe even of the times she makes me mad by waking me up in the middle of the night  because of a certain new oduor in the air (bleugh)
I might even fit in a little story of how she pulls a fast one on the turkeys every day, giving them the run of their lives… though she’s harmless!
I wouldn’t forget to mention the dance we have to do each Sunday just to get her clean. She’s a smart cookie, that one!

There! You see, if I could, I would but since I can’t, I won’t.   


One thought on “But You Wouldn’t Understand

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    Sometimes I think parents wish we were children forever- for we were sweet- though helpless- we were closer to them- we were their very own and they were ours!

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