Truly Living

We live in a complicated world. One that is always on the move. Everyone is going somewhere, doing something, being someone … How much weight we put behind that one! Day in, day out, we try to define ourselves.
Someone’s always saying something. We get caught up in all the noise and complexities of emotions. And when we are not? We look upon others with envy because they have ‘a life’. We all want to be where something is happening. Otherwise, we’re just wasting away.
We forget about the simple things. Somehow, we miss life. We won’t be on Earth forever. As we grow, we find that after day, there is night, then there’s night and then there’s day. We take it for granted, wasting away the days on trifle matters, not knowing that we were meant to live for so much more. No one knows when we will take our last breath nor what we’ll see the moment our hearts stop beating.
I’m mumbling, I know, but I’m hoping you hear what I’m saying.
The simple things; they are what change the world because they change people.
When there’s madness all around, just stop.
Take in a nice cool, crisp gasp of fresh air. Feel it’s cool trail down as fills it in your lungs.
Curl your toes in the coarse white beach sand.
Watch the raindrops as they hit the pavement and burst into a million pieces. Listen to it’s steady pounding on the roof and pavement and let it lull you to sweet slumber.
Wear your best dress to the supermarket ‘just because’.
Smell the newly blossomed flowers.
Smile genuinely to anyone who gives you service. From whomever bagged your groceries to your conductor.
But most importantly, at the end of the day, the walls we build around ourselves must come down.  Bare, vulnerable, holding nothing back, we should go to God. Giving Him all we’ve got. 
Surrendering our lives to Him. Because that is when true life will begin.


One thought on “Truly Living

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    We love this blog!!! We love this blog!!! Go Mwende- Go Mwende- Go Mwende!!! We love this blog!!!

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