What is …attending a graduation?

1. A flurry of ‘inspiring’ speeches that are forgotten the moment the words resonate.
2. A list of 6000 names when you only came to hear one.
3. Being pushed as people try to get as close to the graduates as possible.
4. Giving up and ending up sitting on a leso on tarmac.
5. Dad donning a suit
6. Taking 2 cups of coffee because you’re sister is sitting in the rows in front and can’t come for hers.
7. Being really pressed because of drinking two cups of coffee but you can’t be paid enough to go to these loos.
8. Regretting wearing open shoes and staring hopelessly at your mud covered feet.
9. Women who tailored the exact same clothes walking in flocks
10. Lamenting when the sun begins to shine, burning your mud-covered feet.
11. Scores and scores of people but somehow your mum finds the spot where Kambas are.
12. Dad insisting on taking photos and you ignoring him.
13. Wondering if your decision to skip class is the best.
14. People selling goofy merchandise and discouraging Dad from buying anything ( settling on fresh flowers ).
15. Old ladies eating lollipops (hmmm…)
16. Whipping out my faulty umbrella and feeling Jack.
17. Texting my bored graduating sister.
18. Filling in the crossword with my mum and dad and coming out tops 😉
19. Listening to music and Dad giving back the earphones after 2 seconds of hip hop
20. Blogging to pass the time
21. Deciding not to go for your own graduation.   

** the views depicted in this post reflect the bored musings of intellectual and in no way reflect on those people who have travelled hundreds of kilometers not to see( they literally can’t see the graduation) their loved ones graduate and who bought plastic flowers, cliche cards and those shiny, colorful things people put around their necks.( help!)***


2 thoughts on “What is …attending a graduation?

  1. savvy says:

    Reminds me of my own graduation, sigh! The trick is to skip the graduation (unless you are the graduand) and attend the reception instead.

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