Love Lives Here

We all know that one of the factor’s of influence on a child’s psychological development is their parents’  relationship with one another. So, I suppose I should attribute my sanity to my parents getting it right with each other. Every kid asks, “Mum, how did you and Dad meet? ”
Come to think of it, a lot of weight is placed on that question.

Anyway, it took about 18 years for me to get a straight answer and I’m still not sure if I can piece the whole story together. I guess I’ll wait for one of those opportune moments, that for some reason, involve my Mum being at the wheel and not being able to escape my curious eyes and pressing questions. If I’m lucky, there might just be a traffic jam.
Mum is a teacher and sensible is her middle name. But it’s always amusing to note that every time I ask her to retell the story, she blushes. She never makes eye contact …probably because she is driving. But I doubt she sees the road itself. It’s like time stops and all of a sudden, we travel back in time, more than 25 years ago. We no longer are just heading home, but instead, we cruise between memories. I look outside the window and I can picture them. Walking hand in hand… a couple…planning their future together. It’s obvious to anyone who looks at them that they have found in each other a safe place. They’ve found home.
And she tells the story of an answered prayer, an unlikely answer and their journey to love…

I look out into the world and I find it stripped bare of love and hope, tears marring the faces of the people. Hearts are scarred, a keepsake that could only say ‘once upon a time,love lived here’. Love’s meaning seems to have changed. But then I look home and I see a beacon of light. Love is still alive.
In a shared smile, a hearty laugh and an affectionate gaze. Even when words are exchanged, love remains supreme.
And I smile; hope is renewed. And I thank God for parents like you.
I thank him for love that has conquered the test of time and that of loss. Even that which has conquered raising a stubborn daughter.


3 thoughts on “Love Lives Here

  1. El316 says:

    aaaaaawwww indeed!!

  2. Ths is so amazing Mwende…am a keen follower of this blog….it got amazing articles and sence of writing. Its quite authentic too.

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