Familiar Stranger

The leaves rustled softly in the wind. The streets were busy. Everyone, seemingly, had somewhere to be. Cars whizzed by and children laughed as they played in the park across the street. An absent smile played on my lips as I weaved through the bodies.

I raised my hand to tuck a wisp of hair behind my ear. Then I saw you. My steps faltered and I came to a complete stop. My hand fell to my side. You stood about six feet in front of me and it was like the very first time we met. My heart racing, palms sweating, breathing a problem … my smile should have grown wider, but it didn’t.  I should have walked upto you, but my feet stayed rooted to the pavement.

The smile froze on my face before dissolving to oblivion. All the pain that had haunted me day and night for the last 3 months pierced my being. I hadn’t seen you for the same time. I had imagined how it would be and now… and now, all I felt was pain and regret.

Regret, that as you held my gaze with your dark eyes, I knew exactly what you were thinking. That though you stood far off, it was as though no time had lapsed at all. But it had, and we both new it. I regret that you couldn’t look at me anymore. Things had definitely changed.

Then you took that first step, and with each stride, you moved further and further away. You walked towards me but you couldn’t look me in the eye.
Cold reality clenched my heart as you walked right past me. Like we had never met before. Like I had never given you my heart as you gave me yours. Like we had not shared our deepest fears, biggest dreams. Like I didn’t know the feel of your hand against my cheek, nor the feel of your arms around me. Like for two years, my life and yours had not intertwined.
Like I didn’t know you.
Like you didn’t know me.
Just like that, the one person I knew so intricately became a stranger.
I wonder, did you even turn back? Or was I simply a scuff mark in your unblemished past?
I took a deep breath, shaken, but not broken. Carefully, I took one step in front of the other. Then I heard the sound of laughter, felt the sun on my face and I smiled. Life goes on.  


2 thoughts on “Familiar Stranger

  1. Wow! Amazing! It is the same that I feel for my ex.

  2. Samuel Nguma says:

    O… If we could only understand the depth of love…

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