Remember Me?

You might as well consider me a stranger, faithful reader. The last words you read here were written by a girl as much a stranger to me as she is to you.
With each passing day, she fades into the distant past, a ghost. It’s questionable if she ever existed. To some, she’s not even remembered.
A myth;that’s what she is now. A figment of my imagination, even! 
We’ll never know. 

I look like her, that’s for sure, but looks can be deceiving. I don’t live in fear like she did. Not since life took care of that. What’s there to fear, after all? Pain?!  Whether you run from it or run towards it, you will be caught in it’s eclipse. So I stopped running. There’s no use of being tired and in pain.

I said goodbye to her. I would be lying if I said a tear didn’t slip from the corner of my eye. I would miss her. I still do. But it was time.
She looked peaceful as she lay there in white. It was her time and I had to let her go. I placed a red rose between her limp clasped hands. I stroked her hair one more time before touching my lips to her cold lifeless cheek. I closed the casket, and then, life began again.


2 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. Olive says:

    true, as long as you live you have to grow, to change, to become a different person from wat you were, preferably a better, happier person

  2. Samuel Nguma says:

    It is like an insect- getting out of its exoskeleton- it is a painful process; that eventually gives you a new you… Its Rebirth!

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