On My Knees, I Stand

I am a rock,
   A formidable force.

I am a rock,

I am a rock,
I do not cry,
  Love is a four letter word,
   Excluded from my dictionary.

I am a rock,
  Set in my ways,
   I will not be moved,
    I will not be changed,
     I will not depend on anyone.

    But I am a man,
The last thing I can do is stand on my own two feet.

    I am a man,
  At the mercy of mere emotion.

      They tell me what to be,
   They tell me not to be a man.
  Don’t cry, they say,
Always on your feet, never on your knees, they say.

But I am a man,
A man on his knees.

I am a man,
Asking for mercy,
Asking for forgiveness.

I am a man and I surrender,

I am a man begging you to change me, Lord.
Teach me the love that would send a king to a cross for a person undeserving; for me.
Give me a heart of flesh, Lord,
Move me!! Draw me closer to you.
I want to be used by you
I depend on you.
For everything.



One thought on “On My Knees, I Stand

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    Sometimes it is true of us as Sean Covey said: ”Who you are is shouting so loud in my ears; I cannot hear what you are saying!”


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