A Poet’s Heart

It’s not like any other,
It strives to make the world understand,
All the while seeking an answer to only one question, why?!
A poet’s heart must speak,
It must reach out,
From one soul to another,
Seeking to change the world, with one word, one desire, one expression.

A poet’s heart knows pain,
It knows sorrow,
Despair, it’s native language,
A poet’s heart seeks out beauty in the world,
It glories at the cool morning dew on a perfect rose,
It joys in the phenomena of the morning sun,
It seeks the greatest of beauties, love.

A poet’s heart is broken,
It sees things differently,
It does not bow to rules,
It never forgets pain nor it’s giver,
It can only hope that a greater pain,
A greater joy will eclipse the former.

And yet it thrives on a hope that supercedes emotion,
It clings to the promise of peace,
The promise of a day when life as we know it shall no longer be,
When a poet’s heart shall be made whole by a love only One can give,
One not bound by humanity,
But One who died to set us free.



3 thoughts on “A Poet’s Heart

  1. Mokaya says:

    Amen is in order. A poet’s heart is deep. The depth of human emotions

  2. ZainabK says:

    Phenomenal. Absolutely brilliant.
    I’ve never read another poem that reflects so precisely my perception of myself and my fellow poets.
    I’m sure to be stalking you henceforth!
    Consider yourself FOLLOWED.
    😉 xx

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