Let’s Talk Telly

Let’s face it; television takes up a lion’s share of the average Kenyan’s time. Most of my time is spent with either series or movies except, of course, for when I need a break or that sad moment when there’s nothing to watch. That, practically makes me a professional! I have years of experience! ;). Ahem. You had better take into account what I say, being a pro and all…

1. Shree.
I tried to watch it! I really did!!  But that program is freaky! Even when channel surfing, I can’t miss the girl with saucer-wide eyes and flying hair having a weird monologue.  Plus, they are either in the sitting room or bedroom. We appreciate KTN for bringing some Indian flavour to the table but….(I never thought I’d say this) KBC did it better. They used to bring some two Indian shows. It was Kyunki Saas….bibahuthi (don’t know how it’s written but I still remember the theme song) and Kahani …gagaiti (still singing the theme song). Those were interesting!!

2. Phillipino Hour.
The number of Phillipino programs being aired throughout Kenya is simply ridiculous! Did the government decide that we don’t know enough about the phillipines? Or maybe the Ministry of Culture wanted to diversify the kind of names being given to the coming generation ? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a conspiracy by the Divorce Lawyers Society? I must admit, it’s a good way to earn a pretty penny.
Soaps *gag* are not what they used to be. It’s either recycled storylines or a really twisted storyline that gives me a headache just thinking it through. (It turns out Jose’s father is not his real father then he finds out his Nemesis is his father, meaning that he slept with his sister..but wait!! His mother’s not his mother either!! She faked her pregnancy and stole her sister’s baby and all of a sudden, Jose’s father is a rich tycoon **dramatic gasp**)  *breathe* please pass the asprin.  

3. All Kenyan, all the time… or so you’d think!
Kenyan programs have come a long way from Vioja Mahakamani and Tausi …although I liked Tausi, even if I didn’t understand all the kiswahili.
There are shows that I haven’t really watched so I can’t comment on them. It might also be that I watched the show but nothing really registered about the show. An example would be Higher Learning . What is it about?!? I liked the concept but bringing it out has been the problem. I’ve watched it about two times.  I’ll give it a pass. Though not good, it doesn’t suck. And that’s saying something.
Why do people like Tahidi High? This is an honest question! I guess I’m not the targeted demographic because I just don’t get it. The music needs work, the sound….can someone say overacting?!
The same goes for Mother-in-law . *sigh*
All I think about while watching these shows is yelling ‘Cut! Enough kidding about people! Would you actually read the script this time? Thank you. Now, action!’
The writer in me yearns to rewrite those scripts. Seriously! Someone give me a test run! It couldn’t possibly be worse than what’s already showing.
Don’t think I forgot about Changing Times. This one is just special. It also has a lot of potential but the acting *cringe* we have a mix of Super Barbies with their accents, average Joes and a guy who will only speak on sheng/kiswahili. Dear script writer, DECIDE! It’s like mixing the Bold and the Beautiful with My wife and kids and Being Erica (kinda). It’s just confusing.
So do I have something positive to say about Kenyan TV? Just two words; Briefcase Inc. Sure, I have my quelms about it but it makes me smile. ( how do you look for a name for the company for over a month? Mr. Scriptwriters, keep the story moving ). Still, it’s well written.

I must be a directing consultant one of these fine days!! It’s my destiny ;). Or else these programs will keep on irking me! This way, I might enjoy a day of quality Kenyan television someday in future.


One thought on “Let’s Talk Telly

  1. V says:

    …i used to be shushed when kahani came on…#sadstoryofmylife

    excuse me,like Tahidi High by default…i know people there…lets face it we watch Kenyan TV to critisize…am serious, the main reason i uwillingly adapted to Citizen tv shows was cz…i literaly used to discuss them with the help and then discuss on fb…duh!…its a break from all the foreign shows!!

    I loved tausi tooo….the mchawi…karomanzila *or sth like that*!!

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