This too shall pass

We have often heard that life’s only constant is change. With every breath we take, new cells are created in our bodies. With every new day, we grow physically, spiritually as well as in regard to interpersonal relationships.
We may try to hold on to life as it is or even life as it should be, but this only aggravates the process of change. Either way, it’s going to happen.

Being the wretched humans we are, we tend to grow attached to certain situations, people, basically the life we live and come to take it for granted. There may come a  time that we buy into the lie that all is secure.

All is secure in Christ. There is a huge difference between the lie and fact. When all is secure in Christ, we know that no matter what happens or what does not happen, Christ is in control. We trust in God to take care of us completely. We entrust our lives to him and depend on Him. All will be well. Live by faith and not by sight.

I was thinking about it and I realised that with all the changes we go through, we say goodbye to people and futures we thought would come to be. It’s never easy to let them go and so, we mourn them. But as we say goodbye, the dark clouds seem to pass away and the sun comes out. “Hello,” we say to a whole new tomorrow and we can smile again.



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