To the Storyteller

Paint your heart on a blank canvas,
Tell me the story of unrequited love,
Sing the ballad of love lost to me,
Croon the tune of love,
Lose me in your words, let me feel what you feel.

Through the heights, carry me to the joy you have felt. With a smile on your face, your gaze nostalgic and wet with emotion.

Through the dark days, let my heart constrict with empathy.
Let the sound of the slight break and tremor in your voice cause me to dab at the corner of my eye.

Tell me your story. Etch it on a crisp page or narrate it to these eager ears. Belt it out at the top of your lungs, let your joy, your pain be heard.
Make me forget, dear storyteller.
Fill my heart with…anything.  Something. 


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