The Colour Purple

She walks with grace in every step, her movements, the definition of elegance.
She enters the room and all goes still.
She draws the eye, but she pays it no mind.
She is purple.

Her heart of gold prompts praise from the lips of all.
A walk by her side would alter anyone’s position in the eyes of society, for the better and naught of anything else.
Her beauty draws the breath out of any man’s lungs, her compassion earns the respect of any woman’s heart.
Her name is Purple.  

She is royal by nature but nothing is beneath her.
Be she on her knees or before kings, she bespeaks honour upon her people.
She builds with every word that’s from her lips.
Her smile, we all hold dear.
She needs no introduction, no word of description. She is simply purple.

She’s a princess, she’s a prize,
She’s a good friend at all times,
She is humble as she gives honor to whose hand she’s adorned on.
Draped, wrapped, dangled, hanged, painted, worn, purple is always the best companion.

(Confession: My toenails are purple;) )


2 thoughts on “The Colour Purple

  1. Ermilia says:

    I hope you mean your toenails are purple.

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