The post that wasn’t written

I was going to do a brilliant post but I can’t seem to get my thoughts together. I guess that will just have to be for another day.I don’t have the heart to rant as I had hoped to.

Nope! No witty insight, no poem bursting to be written. No story stretching at my seams.

I ask you, just for today, to let me disappear into my world.

Not that I have had a bad day or anything , but it’s one of those days that have been nice and quiet.

Allow me to walk into the sunset ( figuratively ), the stranger with an unreadable gaze, not knowing where I go but letting the road lead me to destiny.

A comfortable seat upon an elegant horse, it’s gait, one of grandeur, slow and assured, the rider and the horse are one. Okay. Now I’m just getting carried away…

One thought on “The post that wasn’t written

  1. V says:

    umeanza ku-advertise na hulipwi…*tsk!tsk!*…apparently this are the eco-friendly cars of a working mama!

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