Crossing from dream to reality

Today marked the first day of the rest of my four years at university. It wasn’t perfect but it was a beginning, all the same. I’ll be honest; I felt stupid! That will never happen again!

Picture the girl in glasses who always reads ahead…yeah; that’s not me!! Never has been but will have to be. I survived high school only by God’s grace since I woke up a month to the national examination. Though I do this course begrudgingly ( I’m pretty sure that’s a word, but auto-correct doesn’t recognize it), I will do it to the best of my ability.

If you still wonder why Mwende is a dreamer, it’s because she is an idealist. As far as she knows, she is getting married on a cliff in Scotland, on the grounds of a grand castle. **dreamy look*

One dream Mwende has always held close to her heart, is that of being an author. But as the years have come by, it has seemed more and more impossible to achieve it. I tried it in primary school but gave up, thinking it may just not be for me.

I would love to be a globe-trotting bestseller but somehow, I can’t see it. In an alternate space ( I decline to use ‘universe’), that could happen.

I don’t want to die with my dream! So I will consciously, I repeat, consciously, bring it to life. I have no clue where to begin. Insights?

Sidenote; Don’t you just hate it when you see someone wearing an identical  top/ pair of shoes you own and mentally having to decide not to wear it? Me too!  


2 thoughts on “Crossing from dream to reality

  1. savvy08 says:

    My first day in campus.. I was also reading ahead! Good luck with your dreams!

  2. ZainabK says:

    My biggest dream is to publish a novel, too 🙂
    I started out with making up some random story, but as time flew by and as the world gets wiser, I realized no one’s into made-up stories anymore. It’s all about autobiographies and intellectual stuff!!
    So I decided I’m gonna try make it big (starting Journalism in September God willing) and THEN write my story – So just like how it works with celebrities, people will buy my book because they know me 😉
    Justin Bieber’s or Miley Cyrus’s books wouldn’t be flying off the shelf and sweeping in thousands of dollars if they weren’t famous now would they!! 😉
    So chin up and make it happen! 🙂 xx

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