Safaricom Classical Fusion 2011

I am so pooped/ tuckered out / exhausted that I can barely move. It was so worth it!! Along with 12,000 other music revellers, I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening to the sounds of Africa and moving to the beat that can only be Kenyan.

I was lucky enough to hitch a ride from my high school’s bus. These are the days you remember where you came from, in my case, the heart of Kikuyu, wherein lies Bush. Starting with beef on how, for some reason, we weren’t invited to perform!! How they overlooked us is beyond me but c’est la vie. ( don’t you just love French?! )

I couldn’t find it in me to appreciate the classical music as I once did. It’s been a while, what else can I say?  But I must say the Orchestra was magnificent especially some duet that sounded like a quartet.

My best performances was by a group called Kato Change Quartet ( now that was jazz!!  Plus the guy, Kato, has some insane talent ), Sauti Sol ( those guys have amazing voices. P.s, part of the experience is being in a group of screaming banshees…uhm, ladies ;). The song stuck in my head is ‘Soma’ since tomorrow, class begins)
Can’t forget Ladysmith Black Mambazo!! 51 years is a long time in the music industry and to still be that good…

I think that’s about the summary of memorable performances. It was awesome to hang out with my pals, to see people I hadn’t seen in years. A beautiful day. But all I have are memories and the grass that’s still stuck on my jeans.
Tomorrow is a new day, with new challenges and by God’s grace, I will be able to give 100% as I get into the books. Now I have to collapse on some surface. 



2 thoughts on “Safaricom Classical Fusion 2011

  1. V says:

    i don’t like you right now, you and the 12000 peoplewhobhad fun!! 😦

  2. Olive says:

    i cant believe i’m readin this ryt now..but yeah i loved the sauti sol part (dont u just lyk screamsingin in a group)

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