The Post-a-day Challenge

Why not? It’s a really good challenge to take up! It will be a wonderful opportunity to grow as a writer. ( I have been in my comfort zone for a while now). So, a post-a-day it is!! ( God help me!)

I realize that the frequency of my posts has decreased, making this idea seem all the more unattainable. I guess I felt too exposed. A friend told me that if he wants to know what’s going on with me, all he does is read my blog. I hated that!! 

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to be known? You know, some of the time. It’s like you win when someone doesn’t find out too much. Is that just me? Sometimes, I just choose not to show myself. I simply refuse to share my opinion and personal thoughts, hiding behind the cloak of ‘if you say so’, ‘i don’t know’ and my favorite, ‘eh?’.

But one thing I do realize, is that writing is sharing. In every word, every article, every novel, a writer hides a part of their soul in it. It is every artists’ destiny to put soul into their craft, to reach other people and make an impact!

Tomorrow is the 2nd of October and boy do I have psych. If you are asking why then it’s time to flip the rock you’re under and get a ticket to the Safaricom Classical Fusion, happening tomorrow from 2pm at the Impala grounds. This time, no itchy fingered pick pocket will get the best of me!! Argh!  

6 thoughts on “The Post-a-day Challenge

  1. V says:

    I was there when the friend said so!

    BTW, pictures and details…tomorrows blog, that summarizes…Classical Fusion!

  2. mutegi says:

    just as excited as you about the concert..might actually take up the challenge too.

  3. seshietoast says:

    go you! I’ll check daily…

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