‘Twas the night before the 23rd.

It is now 2 hours to the end of my 18th year on this planet. It’s been a ride and a half and it’s about to get even better, I believe.

I will be able to look back at the year and admit how stupid I have been because I would have been wiser than I had been. That’s always an interesting part of growing up. When I used to have a diary, I would read it only at the end of the year and wonder who that naive girl was? 

I have a lot of growing up to do and boy, do I know it!! Some lessons are harder than others but learn them I must. Some history is hard to work through but it has to be done.

Everyday, I and I believe other christians struggle to let our flesh/ human nature/ desires die. Only then can the Holy Spirit take control, wholly and completely. Only then can we lead a life that is right, in EVERY SINGLE THING. That is my goal.
Here’s to a new year!!


2 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before the 23rd.

  1. savvy says:

    Happy 18th birthday!

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