My Ugly Pair of Shorts

That’s right folks! This little lady left 80100 and is now 00200 ( I think those r the codes). I am going to miss home like crazy but I’ll get through! School starts next week and I am nowhere near thrilled about it. I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown! But if God wills it to be so, I will hack!

So on Saturday, I packed up most of my earthly belongings (excluding the dogs) and said goodbye to Mombasa ( the rest couldn’t fit into the bag. I am just lucky I didn’t have to personally carry it). 

I am staying with my sister in her apartment, which is a far cry from home sweet home. Goodbye silence ; hello neighbour’s stereo with someone singing along to Rose Muhando! Goodbye tropical heat; hello constant baridi! I could go on…I know live in constant fear of becoming claustrophobic.

I have a pair of really ugly shorts that I have had for more than 6 years. They are not even shorts but I wear them as such. They are actually fishy dungarees which are brown, maroon, black…let’s say predominantly brown ;). Mum hates them. She’s tried everything from bashing them to buying others but ain’t no way I’m letting this pair go! They are really comfy, take my word for it.

Upto yesterday, I have only worn these shorts at home. I was thinking about it and it’s like I have only worn them in places I ‘trust’. Places where I feel most comfortable.

We do the same thing when it comes to relating to other people. At first, you wear a suit. Formal. Everything looks perfectly laced up on the outside. As time goes by, you start loosening your tie, maybe you change to a casual jeans and T-shirt, but the nice t-shirt! 
You slowly learn more and more about each other; creating a place of comfort. As you get used to each other, the old tshos with the stains and mashimo start to be seen. But you will know that you are true friends with someone when you can pull out your pair of ugly shorts, reserved only for home use, and comfortably walk down the street with your pal alongside.


3 thoughts on “My Ugly Pair of Shorts

  1. savvykenya says:

    Enjoy school! I love Nairobi, hate the coastal heat 🙂

  2. coast is home! I’ll try as much as possible to enjoy it 🙂

  3. Samuel Nguma says:

    I had such a pair of shorts once- my mum commissioned it to be burnt- literally!!!

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