Shoes and Pet peeves!!

At the age of 3, I bought my first pair of school shoes.  Where did I buy them? There was only one place to buy shoes if you were looking for the best, and 15 years down the line, it remained at the top of my list ;The Bata Shop!

  In the formative years, I bought shoes more often as my foot increased in size. Obviously, that didn’t last too long, my current shoe size bears testimony to that. Soon after, a shoe would last about 2-3 years! Note! These are shoes that would be worn from Monday to Monday and they would last that long.

Imagine my surprise when after just 3 short months with a pair from Bata, I was faced with a situation every woman dreads!! We know it might happen, especially when we wear heels and that’s why we always take caution with the extra pair in the handbag. But
since I was wearing flats….( does this happen to dudes too!?!!)

ThE WaLk Of ShaMe
I had the opportunity ( pleasure? ) of this happening to me in both Mombasa and Nairobi.  Note: it was the same pair of shoes!! ( tsk, tsk….Bata! You owe me!! ) The time between the two incidents was about 2, 3 weeks!

The first incident was in Nairobi.  No one even batted an eyelash, everyone being ‘busy’ and all! I was with  V so the shame wasn’t all that bad! Unfortunately, I had to buy another pair and there was only one outlet about. You guessed it ; BATA!! (*sigh* I also had the soles of that pair fixed after 2 weeks. That is just not right ).

Detour : I know Bata are online and I hope they do get around to reading this sometime. As a faithful and diligent,though disgruntled customer….ninaomba serikal. Also, for closed shoes, size 3 and for open shoes/ sandals size 4 …..just so you know, my birthday is coming up ;). I am definitely hinting!!

Back to Incident number 2.
Coincidentally, it was in the middle of the road, like the first time. No, I was not running!! When it happened in Mombasa, everyone i passed, i repeat EVERYONE had something to say! The first person was kind enough to direct me to the nearest cobbler, after which the real walk of shame began ! It was in Buxton ( i hope that’s the spelling but I’m pretty sure it’s not ‘Bakstan’, as I was about to write at first.) It was around 5 so the evening traffic jam had already kicked in. I could feel the eyes of all those motorists and passengers watching me as i made my way slowly, very slowly!!! With many stops!! I am just glad I was looking down the whole time. But I had to have my isn’t-this-ridiculous smile on my face the whole time !!!

It felt like an hour but 10 minutes later, I get to one of those stands that sell sweets and stuff and the fellow was kind enough to call the cobbler for me. He was actually on the opposite side of the road and there was no way I was going to make it across. I’m pretty sure I would have sat on the asphalt in despair!! I insisted on dragging the shoe along although several people ( including motorists ) had suggested I walk barefoot once and for all! Mwerevu Mimi ( direct trans: bright me ) decided to battle it out with the shoe. Not that there was much difference when you compare the amount of dust I kicked up.   
By the way, I also met another lady doing the walk of shame just as I was…..she was so much better!!


…..I love toggle case!! This is not rhetorical!!! I expect, no, I nEeD answers. I started driving school, as you know. One time, a certain clerk was taking my details and he ‘forgot’ to write down my locality. Let me be honest and say that , it’s not hard to tell that a guy has noticed you, the earlier for a girl to know, the better so that she can respond appropriately!! Anyway, he got my number from the form I had filled in. I knew his game so I was quite formal, giving him only the information he required and thwarting his attempts at starting a conversation!  I think he got the message because he didn’t try anything after that, until today.

The thing is, I see him every day. Of course I’ll have to set him straight.  Question is, how? How do I make a nice statement that basically says ‘ Not in a million years ‘ or more politely,  ‘ no thanks’? Today he sent me a text that was nowhere near being grammatically correct!! Someone has been spreading a rumour that ‘ t’ can easily be replaced by ‘r’ in the word ‘beautiful’ *shudder*. I should be flattered, but am not!  First of all, it goes against ethics for someone to use details given in for personal gain!! That has to be wrong in at least 10 books!!! Dudes, what do u have to say for yourselves?! Also if you could tell me the best thing to do….. Dudines,  ( the grammatic opposite of ‘dudes’) your words of wisdom?

P.s I am soo not replying the text!  Dudes, if a dudine likes you, she responds. If she doesn’t, well, that’s that.

I have also noted an alarming trend of being hit on on the streets and these people just can’t read body language!!! Plus, who responds when called Msupa?  Or even worse, Mummy?!  Aki Coasterians!!!!tsk tsk.   


One thought on “Shoes and Pet peeves!!

  1. Samuel Nguma says:

    I love this post!

    For starters- I have never understood why girl’s shoes just have issues! The shoes like ‘katikaa’ like all the time! I have my moments (I admit) when I sneak to Kilifi town in slippers! And I have to walk all around dragging them!

    And as for the msupa thing- we coasterian guys will grow up- problem is- it is somewhere in our Vision 2030!

    Those three encounters were great experiences!

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