Mwende Weekly

I get behind a wheel today!! Not that i have never been there before, it’s just that now, I won’t just be listening to the radio nor will I be 3. I have dreamt of driving a lot !! Especially when I was in boarding school in primary. i was always driving from Nyahururu to Mombasa….I loved school that much. There were, of course, interesting detours in dreamland! There was a time a whole mall was opened for me and the other two people in the car with me. Thing was, it was midnight and no one was supposed to know we were there, but after a while guys realized it was opened and begged us to open for them. I woke up so I never got to make that decision.

Right now, as I write this, there is a music video being shot in my front yard…I am not home but I left them to it! The artist is the wife of a guy who used to be a driver in one of Dad’s mats when we lived in Machakos and I was barely 3… let’s call her a  family friend :). I really should have taken a photo. REALLY! All I can say…you could not pay me to do the moves they were doing!! Ok, picture bird like movements in THOSE  long skirts (you know what I am talking about) and also for guys in suits.( I don’t know how, or why they would do that in Coast).

Goats have opinions too!!

Proven today when I saw a goat reach up to tear down theses posters people stick on walls everywhere! I guess the colour combination really got his goat…..*crickets* anyway….

Over the weekend, i ended up at Tuskys rather late. I didn’t know that place could get that busy!! Half the shop was filled with queues!! So this one guy was particularly loud as some lady had passed rather rudely by him. Without getting into details, he talked, she showed him the hand… so while he was talking to the hand, he let a curse word rip. I promise you that there was a moment where the whole crowd went silent and gasped in shock. Unperturbed he went on talking, repeating the word over and over…

In terms of degree, there are worse words but it had the desired effect. Only one person dared to speak up; a rather small lady, of caucasian descent. She pointed out that kids were in the vicinity and such words shouldn’t be used. The guy literally started spewing postcolonial mumbo jumbo!! I really pity that guy. He almost got into a fight with that sweet old lady!! That was really sad.

As it is, I will be really late for class if I proceed in this…. I don’t even know what to call it…

3 thoughts on “Mwende Weekly

  1. V says:

    The long skirts, the heat, the jumping up &down, the heat, isn’t it going to be a sweaty work out video with I guess, worship music in the back ground…no offense!
    For a moment I thought you were the goat..*crickets*

  2. Olive says:

    i’ve also bin gettin behind the wheel since a few weeks ago(have been missin classes that’s y its takin weeks)

  3. Samuel Nguma says:

    The bit of the goats eating posters is totally amazing! Goats from Mnarani (Kilifi) literally eat soap!

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