Just Let It GO!

It’s been a long moment since the last time I blogged, so today, I have literally gone out of my way to post something. Literally. It’ll cost about 15/= to get back on my way home.

As you know, I quit my job so what, pray tell, might I be doing that would make it so difficult to pop in for a brief moment?Nothing. That’s right, folks! Nothing; Nada; Zero; El Zipo; BURE BILASHI!! (may I confess that I have never used that statement except in some ill-constructed inshas over the course of doing 8-4 ?!). The other -4 is about to be crossed out of my to-do list 🙂 .

I was in Nairobi for about a week. I’ll spare you the details as per now but I will try to divulge them later. Ever since I came back to the coast, I have been plagued by a series of cravings that I can’t explain. It started with Fries, then Cake then it  swiftly went to spicy food, then to samosas, at a point it was chocolate, then French Toast and today, A bottle of Cold Fanta. 500ml, plastic bottle. This particular craving was so intense, I almost caused at some attendant in Tuskys! (no, I was not going to take Fanta Pineapple!!It tastes like Quencher with gas. Bleugh!).But after searching in some tu-shops, Thank God, I have my trustee bottle. I had actually decided that if I did not get that particular soda, I was not going to blog.

When you hold that cold bottle in your hand and just imagine the cool liquid going down your throat…considering that you have not eaten the whole day, your imagination kind of goes crazy on you. Your heart races just a bit and you just can’t wait for that first sweet drop to hit your tongue. So you open the bottle, falling short of swirling the liquid and grabbing a whiff of it, you tip the bottom. Your eyes literally close as you feel it coursing down. But it’s just not what you imagined it to be. #disappointment.

Day after day, as I struggled with each craving, toying with the idea of just getting that one thing, imagining how it would taste,I psyched up to get it but when I finally did, it fell short of my expectation.

At a point in time Ted Mosby (Yes,from How I met Your Mother) met this lady at a wedding. Boy like Girl, Girl like Boy yada yada yada…. but the point was to have this awesome time together under the cloak of anonymity. There’s a scene where they are at a piano room alone and they are about to kiss but Girl suggests that rather than kissing, they could stick to the drumroll. You know, that moment when two people have leaned in, their noses probably touching, breathing the same air…but not moving in for the swoop.

The impossible romantic I am, I can’t help but sigh. Another classic example would be where two strangers drawn by an inexplicable force, share a gaze across a crowded room. Such a thing can only be described as being perfect. There are no strings attached, no promise of a next moment…just two strangers communicating, sharing in a magic that no one else seems to be aware of.

Problems begin after that; when human emotions come into play. It’s a total mess!!! Someone will get hurt #guaranteed. Both people will be taking a risk. The person you met on that first day will probably turn out to be quite different from what you first thought.

The one mistake you could make is to imagine it; how the whole thing would pan out. Big Mistake! Life is definitely full of surprises. Don’t put someone in a glass casing of an image of what ‘you think’ they are because as the days come.


Imagination can only take you so far. I should now. But it does tend to steal one’s grasp on reality. Sure, it’s awesome while the thought lasts but did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, the real thing would be so much better? The real thing being that you are not that the director of your own life!!!!! God is!! There can be no arguement against that. When you let Him take the lead, it’s not that life will be simple, nor will it be easy. #Fact you will suffer no fullstop, because you will suffer for Christ. And in that suffering will you learn and experience the true meaning of love. Another #fact a craving for God will be fulfilled upto ten times what you could ever imagine.

That’s one thought that’s beenon my mind for days on end… I end this post by emphasizing on how both my parents are getting younger. Last night, Mum was singing along to Sidewalk Prophets, a Christian rock band….you have to meet her to understand the majorness of such a thing. One song stuck with me though, ” The words I would say”. How many things go unsaid in life? Especially in a family scenario?!

7 thoughts on “Just Let It GO!

  1. nigey says:

    nw that’s a post i jus lyk…n Sydwalk Prophs,Awes0me*D…

  2. Olive says:

    finally long wait that is but you dint edit it

  3. Larry Sing says:

    Pregnancy at its highest height! Good delivery.

  4. V says:

    am agreeing with this pregnancy storoz…mhmm..there have been rumours…care to share…BTW, we have a crate of soda, wanna come over 🙂 BTW, the vivid description of the fanta-drinking is like the advert…someone’s been watching telly abit too much…mhmm!!…
    PS: all this talk of fanta has made me nauseas*nimesahau spelling*…thanks alot!!!!

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