The Countdown!!!

My brain is running slow today since I couldn’t, for some reason, get off the couch yesterday. Even after that, I haven’t managed to finish Iron Man 2!! I don’t have it on DVD so that I can say ‘I’ll watch it later’. It was on DSTVand if you have DSTV, it’s all about timing ….and prayer ( I kid you not).  I am not bothered about not finishing the movie because I know some time or another, they will repeat it and I pray that I will have the time to just sit and watch.

Despite my state of drowsiness, I am really excited because I am left with only two more working days. Yep! That’s right!! I will be jobless!!! No, I was not fired because of the number of productive hours I spend online. (At a point, that was a serious fear!!). I quit. Gave in my notice about two weeks ago and I have been walking on sunshine ever since!

I see that scowl on your face, O ye Tarmacing citizen and I can hear your thoughts on how ungrateful I must be to quit in a day when job opportunities are oh so rare!

Here is the thing; I am 18 years old. 18!!!!! I know, I know… work experience…two steps ahead of all the others by the time I get to the University…I know the talk; spewed it myself a time or two. I appreciate the chance I got and I have learned quite a bit. Including the fact that a legal career is definitely not for me. I’ll get the papers, though. Who knows? I may change my mind. But as per now, I see no reason to continue working, as I have already fulfilled my objective.

I don’t know when it happened but some time over the last year my Dad has really gotten in touch with this/My generation. As a result, he is actively on Facebook, not to mention (after months of asking why we don’t send him nor my mother a friend request…..Mum chanukaad kitambo ;)) he is also friends with The girls (me and my sisters).

It was therefore no surprise that at the dinner table sometime last week,  he brought up my sister’s changed relationship status. He couldn’t understand how she could tell “Everyone”, “The whole world” that she was now in a relationship.

The thing is, we (the girls) have been brought up in the old school of thought when it comes to romantic relationships and for some unknown reason, we did not renegade, as would mostly be the case.

So now we are at that age when my parents are open to the idea of us dating but, of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll be running to my Mum to talk about my latest ‘interest’.

Naturally the spotlight turned on me and Dad said ” After you’re done with your degree, we want to see you bringing home someone. So as you are in class, be looking around.”

Then Mum adds ” An architect .”

I make a point of concentrating on my food because if I looked up I would have given her that look that said “Mum, you and I both know who is doing architecture”…and also said “never going to happen”.

Then Dad adds “Even a lawyer would be good. Lawyers marry lawyers.”

And I look at my parents as if they are from another planet. Who has parents like mine ?!?!? Honestly!!

On the same topic, we had gone out for dinner with my High School principal and she had noted with concern how girls from our school rarely got married and if they did, it was much later on in the years….Mum and Dad are probably just looking out for their own brood. 

This is my last post on this computer…I’ll miss it..kinda…Ok. I won’t.

6 thoughts on “The Countdown!!!

  1. V says:

    hahahaha…ati ur 18…you’ve already started lying about your age already????

  2. starmueni says:

    hahaha. who’s the architect?????
    START LOOKING NOW!!!!!hehehe, i lyk your peroz

  3. manwale says:

    Good One…Thot its a Reflex-Lie talking about your age..

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