July; a Month like no other

Brief Detour

I smell like burnt toast and I know all through the day people will be looking at me thinking “What is she hiding in her pockets?” or something along the lines of “She over-blowdried(is that a word?) her hair.” You should see my hair right now; Bird’s nest (In high school, this lady used to come on Saturday’s and offer hair drying services. It should have been hair-frying services because people put so much oil in their hair, than add the heat….Saturday would not be  a day without the smell of well-done hair [pun intended].)

Anyway……burnt toast. This was Dad’s venture into making breakfast this morning. Why would my Dad be making breakfast in the morning? Simply because as per last Friday, the household is in a mbochless state. I kind of expected chaos but surprisingly, there has been no such thing.

For the first time since… I cant’ even remember, Mum and I were in the kitchen. Together. Cooking. Normally, after work, we are usually so tired, Mum heads to her couch under the guise of ‘watching TV’ [really Mum? With your eyes closed?!] Anyway, it has been awesome. Waking up to my parents dancing in the kitchen is a nice way to begin the day. I use the word ‘dance‘ very loosely. My parents don’t dance. But they do react to the music. [That’s why it’s important to define the word dance in a conversation, youknowwhoyouare].


Sitting at the front desk of the office exposes you to very fishy/interesting situations. When clients, for example, come to see Wakili and he is unfortunately out of office, most opt to wait for him, parking themselves about 1.5 metres away from my desk.

I strive towards professionalism {translation: I won’t start idle talk mostly because am probably reading an interesting blog online ;)}. So this is what happens. Either;

(a) They ask for the newspaper and for some odd reason (it’s rarely there) it actually is there, I hand it over. Awkward moment saved!

(b)  They use the time to carry on very loud and rude conversations on their cellular devices asking if there is anyone waiting for them at their office… irritating but better than awkward moment.

(c)…this has only happened once. The client starts an interesting political conversation. That was fun 🙂

(d) This is what usually happens… the client sits there blatantly staring at me. *shudder* I hate that. I almost ask if my horns are showing again. (I really try to hide those things!!!!). then as if we had been carrying out a conversation they ask,

 “What did you say your name was again?”   

(I didn’t!)”Faith”

Then they something like “Oh! And which part of Kenya do you come from?”

( Why would you want to know that? Even if I tell you, I don’t speak the language) “Machakos”

Point of this conversation, you wonder? I understand that people may feel (even I at times feel) that information from which tribe I am from will somehow seem to give you a picture of who I am, more so those of the older generation.

This information is received, processed, in that one recalls the stereotype of that particular tribe then fits you into a mold, which most of the time, does not fit.

Take me for example. Most people pin me down as Kyuk. Once I tell them am Kao, they say, I don’t act like a Kao. The stereotype they are basing me on is of a girl who most likely grew up in Ukambani, surrounded by the culture…you get where I am going with this. In true essence, I was born and raised at the Coast. But even that in itself does not fit as a mold for me. Boarding school adequately took care of that.

I am of a generation where the border lines between tribes are more than a little blurred. I get that tribe gives identity and its beautiful that we have such diversity in Kenya. But this is a new age where we cannot be measured by the standards that once stood. I am not saying we disregard our tribal identity, but we should get to a place where we appreciate each culture in its richness.

Another Detour..

I don’t know about you guys, but someone is stealing my July!! The days are speeding away and with it people. V, the msaliti has decided that Kenya is too small a country for her!(the gall of her…) and Simz too needs ‘her space'(after being together for how long **sob**). Not to mention Buggy….I am happy for them, of course but honestly?!! Who will I be getting lost with in tao? (and I do mean that literally. We seem to stumble upon places we are going to). Or aggravating various motorists (V, you know that’s our specialty!) Ah! C’est  la vie.

7 thoughts on “July; a Month like no other

  1. ciku ndungu says:

    i love it !! keep writting


  2. V says:

    …we’ve gotten lost enough times we knw every corner….plus you shd thnk of it lyk this…wen u cum visitn we’ll be gettn lost in one of the biggest cities…we’ll be international aggravators…*thnk abt it* :).

  3. OR!!! we could go for an operation and insert tracking devices at the back of the neck. Then we can track ourselves :):). Enyewe, kuna venye we are the worst pedestrians eva!!

  4. Bena says:

    hehe..this is interestin,may i add random!i like:)

  5. woolie says:

    A good read. Glad I found this blog. I am totally with you on this tribe thing. If a stranger asks me for my tribe I usually say – I can’t remember….

    Stay well.

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